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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

June Holiday Program 2019 - Chinese

June Holiday courses to hone Chinese skills and prep up for PSLE!

  1. Higher Chinese New Question Format Course

  • a 5-hour course for the training of HCL question format exclusive to HCL (Q6-10, Q16-18, Q21) targeted at exam scoring
        Suitable for: Primary 5 & 6 HCL students
        Dates: (To choose a date from each session)
        Session 1: 4 Jun (Tue) 9-11.30am or
                          6 Jun (Thur) 1-3.30pm or
                          25 Jun (Tue) 9-11.30pm
        Session 2: 4 Jun (Tue) 11.30-2pm or
                          6 Jun (Thur) 3.30-6pm or
                          25 Jun (Tue) 11.30-2pm
        Fees (5-hr course) : $170 (LuLaoShi Regular Student); $200 (Public)
        Closing Date for Registration: 17 May 19 (Fri)
        Register at :

  1. 虚词(Connectors) Course

  • a 3-lesson (2 hrs each) course to impart the accurate use of 虚词 in sentences and is part of PSLE format MCQ training
        Suitable for: MOE Primary 4-6, Secondary 1-2 (Normal Chinese) &
                            Foreign students taking Higher Chinese
        Dates: (To choose a date for each lesson)
        Lesson 1: 1 Jun (Sat) 11.30-1.30pm or
                        10 Jun (Mon) 1.30-3.30pm or
                        12 Jun (Wed) 1.30-3.30pm
        Lesson 2: 8 Jun (Sat) 11.30-1.30pm or
                        17 Jun (Mon) 1.30-3.30pm or
                        19 Jun (Wed) 1.30-3.30pm
        Lesson 3: 15 Jun (Sat) 11.30-1.30pm or
                         24 Jun (Mon) 1.30-3.30pm or
                         26 Jun (Wed) 1.30-3.30pm
        Fees (3x2-hrs) : $180 (LuLaoShi Regular Student); $240  (Public)
        Closing Date for Registration: 21 May 19 (Tue) for Saturday classes &
                                                        27 May 19 (Mon) for Mon & Wed classes
        Register at :

  1. MCQ Compre Practice Dril

  • a 2-hr session course designed to expose and train students with the right techniques for exam application on Qn 21-25 & Qn 30-32 to secure 16 marks for Main Paper (2019 PSLE Normal Chinese Format)

          Suitable for: Primary 5 & 6 students
             (Compulsory for current Pr 5 LuLaoShi’s students)
          Dates: (3 sessions – may sign up for multiple sessions)
          Session 1:  7 Jun (Fri) 9-11am
          Session 2: 13 Jun (Thur) 1-3pm
          Session 3: 28 Jun (Fri) 9-11am
          Fees (2-hrs) : $60 (LuLaoShi Regular Student); $70 (Public)
          Closing Date for Registration: 22 May 19 (Wed)
          Register at :

  1. Intensive Primary 5 A/B Syllabus Revision Lecture

  • a 5-session (3 hrs each) course designed to help 2019 PSLE students revise Primary 5 curriculum & is suitable also for those lacking understanding of 2018 Primary 5 words.
  • This course is not included in regular Main Paper Course.  A 6 A/B revision lecture will be conducted in September.

       Suitable for: Primary 6 students
       Session 1: 10 to 14 Jun (Mon-Fri) 9am-12pm
       Session 2: 17 to 21 Jun (Mon-Fri) 9am-12pm
       Fees (5x3-hrs) : $430 (LuLaoShi Regular Student); $500 (Public)
       Closing Date for Registration: 24 May 19 (Fri)
       Register at :

Venue : Bukit Batok                    Contact: 8782 0440
Email:     Website:

Please click on past posts for detailed information of the above courses.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

找词语 - Finding the right phrase

Does your child know how to answer this type of questions? Do you know that these  compulsory questions take up 4 marks in all Main Paper exams for  Pri 4-6 students? 4 easy marks to score once your child understands question requirements! 

Here's a 1.5-hr short course to train your child to:
  • understand Qn 34-35 Answer Requirements
  • learn 3 techniques to locate answer accurately
  • use a droplist of ‘High Frequency Words’ which may constitute as a valid answer
  • understand ‘Phrase’ and analyse tenses
  • Plus quiz to check your child’s application and grasp - Correction included.
No full compre practice. No deposit, No Placement Fees.
Just pay for full lesson upon confirmation for us to prepare resources and secure your spot. Registration on first-come-first serve basis.
1 June (Sat) 2-3.30pm (1 vacancy)
2 June (Sun) 11.30-1pm (2 vacancies)
2 June (Sun) 2-3.30pm (2 vacancies)

Rate : $60                                                  Suitable for : P4, 5 & 6 students
Duration of Course: 1.5 hr course          Venue: Bukit Batok       
Contact 8782 0440 (Whatsapp, SMS, call) or e