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Friday, July 5, 2019

Open-ended Chinese Comprehension Clinic

Open-ended Chinese Comprehension Clinic for Primary 4 and 5 students

Conducted personally by LuLaoshi, an ex-MOE teacher, ex-PSLE marker and internal setter. 
Students will be:
  • given step by step guide to attempt comprehension in exams;
  • trained to read the passage and use location techniques for answers;
  • trained to decipher the passage and decide answers independently;
  • taught to identify question key points;
  • taught to present answer by exam standards;
  • learn PSLE marking critieria;
  • made to complete 1 set of Open-ended Comprehension (Questions 33-40) with corrections; (Higher ability students will be given extra practice if time permits)
  • made to apply techniques taught for corrections (trainer does not 'provide' answer for students to copy).
This clinic is 2-hours long.  You may choose to attend 1 session or 2 sessions.

Dates :     15 Aug 19 (Thurs), 9 to 11 am or/and
                 16 Aug 19 (Fri), 9 to 11 am 
(Note that the above days are PSLE Oral days - no school for Pri 1 to 5 students.) 

Rate : $70  per session                 Class Size: 3 to 6 students
Venue: Bukit Batok                       
Email :        Contact : 8782 0440
Registration Link :

Students should bring along a water bottle and stationery for the session

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Full Mark Training on Main Paper Qn 33 Email Writing (Pri 5-6)

In 1 session, students learn:

  • Definitions of question key words, answering objectives. I.E: 目的、介绍、详情
  • Grasp and application of answering scope. 
  • Sentence construction to transform key points to answer
  • Email/Letter Writing format and punctuation
  • Actual Practice
Date & Time: 
  • 7 June Fri 3-5pm (2 places)
  • 8 June Sat 3-5pm (2 places)
  • 9 June Sun 11.30-1.30pm (2 1 places)
  • 9 June Sun 3-5pm (2 places)
Price: $80
Contact: 8782 0440 or email
Venue: Bukit Batok St 24 (near PIE)

Lu Laoshi is a bilingual local ex-MOE teacher who has been teaching PSLE as her core curriculum for 17yrs. She is PSLE external chief invigilator, PSLE marker and Oral examiner during her tenure with MOE. for more info on teacher, visit Lu Laoshi Official thread here: