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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Let's count down to PSLE with Lu Lao Shi

ORAL Examination

  Listening Comprehension Examination

Written Examination

Lu Lao Shi 2014 Champions yet another successful year

Lu Lao Shi Congratulates her 2014 PSLE Chinese Students
Lu Lao Shi has done it again!!! Straight A's for all her students

PSLE 2014 Chinese

(A) For PSLE Chinese

1. Jia An (Nan Hwa Primary)                                 A
2. Sheng En (Nan Hwa Primary)                           A
3. Jedt (ACS Junior)                                             A
4. Caleb (Maris Stella)                                           A
5. Darius (Catholic High)                                       A
6. Guan Xu (Jurong Primary)                                A
7. Rachel (Methodist Girls School)                       A
8. Feng Rui (River Valley Primary)                        A
9. Shu Ting (Saint Nicholas Primary)                    A
10. Ethan (West Grove Primary)                            A
11. Cizhen (Princess Elizabeth Primary)                A
12. Chole (Henry Park Primary)                              A
13. Yiling (Rosyth Primary)                                    A
14. Huiting (Pei Hwa Presb School)                       A
15. Yu Yuan (St. Anthony's Primary School)         A
16. Kylis (Methodist Girls School)                         A

This year's success story goes to Zhankun. Zhankun spurred on during the intensive training with Lu Lao Shi to achieve his results. He struggled with his Chinese and barely could achieve even a Pass. Lu Lao Shi worked closely with him and his parents to identify and focus on the weak points. Zhankun worked hard, persevered, and applied all of Lu Lao Shi’s Techniques to achieve obtain his B for PSLE Chinese. Lu Lao Shi is indeed proud to have Students who NEVER GIVE UP TRYING!