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About Us

Lu Lao Shi is a Ministry of Education (MOE) Certified Chinese Teacher. She is native Singaporean who graduated from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC), and she is efficiently bilingual. Being a mother to two wonderful children, Lu Lao Shi is able to empathise with the learning obstacles that students face; and provide, not only academic analysis, but also habitual and developmental solutions.

During her teaching tenure with MOE, Lu Lao Shi was tasked to set and vet various levels of exam papers in her School. As a result Orientated Teacher and trainer, Lu Lao Shi was appointed as PSLE Representative. She is responsible for preparing the strategy for the school’s graduating Cohort to succeed in taking the Chinese Language exams.
Lu Lao Shi was responsible for the preparation of training materials according to stipulated Ministry of Education Curriculum and Syllabus for PSLE Training. Lu Lao Shi is also an Internal Oral Trainer/Examiner,and also a PSLE Oral Examiner and marker throughout her term with MOE. Lu Lao Shi was also a Chief External Invigilator during her tenure with MOE. She is highly familiar with the marking criteria, scoring criteria and the format for all components of PSLE Chinese Examinations.
Lu Lao Shi is well known by students and parents as a General and Strategist who leads her Army (Students), Lu Lao Shi arms her soldiers well for a victorious Battle (PSLE Chinese) after months of intensive training. Having been in the education industry since 2002, Lu Lao Shi has fought numerous victorious battles. She has helped Students/Parents who inspire to succeed and fight a fearless battle with Lu Lao Shi.
Lu Lao Shi commits her time and energy intensively into her methodology and research work. She ensures her Copyright resources and materials are updated annually. She updates/reviews and conducts research into the resources so as to keep abreast the requirements by the Ministry of Education.
Many parents have given testimony after experiencing this dedication, commitment and assurance of Lu Lao Shi’s Intensive Strategic PSLE course. With concise and precise strategies for all components of the Chinese Examinations Lu Lao Shi has helped many parents achieve their objectives.
Lu Lao Shi’s students come from Bukit Panjang High Primary, De La Salle Primary, Maris Stella, Mee- Toh Primary, Pei Hwa Primary, River Valley Primary, Nanyang Primary, Nan Hua Primary, Methodist Girl’s School, Catholic High, Rosyth, Anglo-Chinese Primary, Red Swastika, St. Nicholas and Raffles Girl’s School.