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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Registration for 2019 is now OPEN!

2019 MyLuLaoshi PSLE Strategic Courses - Registration OPEN!

Dear Parents,

Registration for 2019 LuLaoshi Courses is now OPEN!

Before you begin, please check our Schedule and Fees on this page:

And our FAQ here:

To register, please leave your particulars and selected class on this form:

 We look forward to seeing you in 2019! :)

Monday, October 29, 2018

LuLaoshi P4 Supplementary Course is now known as LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses!

Dear Parents, we like to follow up on our previous blog post on the re-opening of P4 Supplementary Courses!

The courses are renamed as LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses!

What are LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses?

To help students enjoy learning Chinese and setting the foundation right in preparation for PSLE Chinese, LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses are set up! These classes are 1.5hours each, and divided into two courses – namely Monday lessons for oral and compo, and Wednesday lessons for main paper. Students will be taught at an individual pace, techniques and practices to bridge the gap in examinations will be conducted.

Who is suitable to attend?

These courses are designed to help Upper Primary Level students at foundational level, and develop the interest and knowledge to pass PSLE Chinese exams. Upon achieving this objective, students can advance to regular classes at Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels respectively, and continue the journey to excel in PSLE Chinese with LuLaoshi.

As the lessons are paced on an individual basis, students of all levels can attend. Assessment books may be used in some situation to conduct the tutorial and course is focused on applying the use of Chinese language.