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Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Special Note for Parents whose Children are taking PSLE 2016

June Holidays is most critical for Primary 6s as this is the only time they can extensively revise Pri 4-6 content for all subjects. Parents can plan revision schedule with them to keep them in control of their own studies.

As the heat of PSLE kicks in, students are advised to get stay in health with adequate rest and water. It’s also a good time to start on chicken of essence or ginseng regime at home. 

With regard to Chinese, parents can safely leave the tension to me. I will highlight to you areas which I need home support in. Once school reopens in July, it is normal to see your child ‘snap’ under tension or ‘slack’ after too much drilling. Do stay in close communication to manage your child’s pressure.

Most secondary schools have posted their DSA registrations by now. Those interested in DSA, kindly visit the secondary school’s website for further information. Special note that School of Science & Technology only accepts students via DSA and not by PSLE results.

Lu Laoshi