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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 PSLE Chinese Hall of Stars

Lu Lao Shi Congratulates her 2013 PSLE Chinese Students
Lu Lao Shi has done it again!!! 10 Years History of No Refunds!

PSLE 2013 Chinese

(A Star) for PSLE Chinese

1. Laurene Sim (Raffles Girls Primary)                 A*
2. Goh Siying (Nanyang Primary)                         A*

(A) For PSLE Chinese

1. Teh Weiyih (Saint Joseph's Institute)              A
2. Isaac Aw (Maris Stella Primary)                        A
3. Linette Lim (Endeavour Primary)                      A
4. Richard Goo (ACS Junior)                                A
5. Nicklaus Tan (Nan Hua Primary)                       A
6. Kenneth Quek (Bukit Panjang Primary)            A
7. Xu Hanxuan (Rulang Primary)                          A
8. Khoo Yu Zhen (De Laselle Primary)                  A
9. Ng Xinyi (Admiralty Primary)                             A
10. Jean Chow (Raffles Girls Primary)                   A
11. Samuel Ong (Nanyang Primary)                       A
12. Koh Kai Feng (Nanyang Primary)                     A
13. Fredrick Goh (Chong Zheng Primary)              A

This year's success story goes to Wei Yih and Kenneth. Wei Yih spent 2 years of intensive training with Lu Lao Shi to achieve his results. Both boys struggled with their Chinese and barely could achieve even a B. Lu Lao Shi worked closely with both Wei Yih’s and Kenneth’s parents to identify and focus on the weak points. Wei Yih and Kenneth both worked hard, persevered, were consistent and applied all of Lu Lao Shi’s Techniques to achieve their A for PSLE Chinese. Lu Lao Shi is indeed proud to have Students who NEVER GIVE UP TRYING! 




Your Child CAN Be amongst the numerous SUCCESS Stories. Many parents have seen how powerful Lu Lao Shi's Techniques are and how Lu Lao Shi's Strategies worked!