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Saturday, March 9, 2019

What goes on in Lu Laoshi's Main Paper class? (Intensity 70% energy)

Laoshi teaches Syllabus words according to current MOE syllabus.

·         She teaches from scratch I.E: Radicals, Memory Linking. Radicals: Laoshi teaches child 边旁部首, child identifies it's meaning and has ability to decipher any words that has that radical. Memory Linking: how to remember a word and it's writing. I.E '‘ is 一个老公,冲完凉后穿服。

·         Once the word and Pin Yin is taught, screen blanks out. Students have to bear character image in mind and write down on notes.

·         At intervals, students have to memorize Da Pei 搭配, Sentence application 例句and pen down in notes upon Blank screen.

·         We cover Ci Bian词辨 (vocab expansion from the syllabus word), I.E: 严厉、严格、严肃、森严、威严。 so students can differentiate similar words and expand vocabulary. Words and meanings are provided in lesson notes.

·         End of each chapter, students are to attempt a quiz. Corrections are done by writing correct answers out to reinforce learning and not just writing numbers. Failures write out notes for reinforcement.

·         Students are constantly brain processing; processes are actively at work during lesson. They perceive and understand information, retain, and apply. A focused student would reap full effects of the lesson. One with poor focus would grasp first 3 learning points. Regular revision would reinforce knowledge.

·         For learning to convert to result improvement, students must be serious in learning and not just to pen down notes on paper (no info perceived, only notes taken). This method is more effective then direct information feeding, where students only listen and may not perceive information.

During exam season, Laoshi suspends syllabus training for 4 lessons to conduct 2 Mock Paper trials. Students undergo time trial and train their focus span. When going through, students learn exam application techniques, comprehension techniques, and inferential skills. Technique is taught to them, answer is never given or copied. Students have to grasp the technique, clarify when in doubt, and apply it to their corrections.

Why should I send my child to Lu Laoshi?

Lu Laoshi’s lessons are highly engaging, productive and effective. Each lesson has new learning objectives, they’re planned and prepared. Learning is always active; never passive listening. Lu Laoshi follows through all work done, corrections are tracked. Exam techniques are not to be compromised, we keep your child in close monitoring to mend learning gaps. Though with 15yrs of experience, Lu Laoshi is only in her 30s. She has high energy and focus, an effective Human Resource in her prime. She analyses individual student and advises accordingly. All students are issued with a Communication Book to record students’ performance, outstanding work and focus that lesson. You have found yourself a reliable teaching partner.