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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Lu Lao Shi Congratulates her 2012 PSLE Chinese Students
Lu Lao Shi has done it again!!! 10 Years History of No Refunds!

PSLE 2012 Chinese

(A Star) for PSLE Chinese

1.  Dionne Yap (Woodlands Primary)                  A*
2. Liu Yi Xuan (Pei Hua Presbytarian)                 A*
3. Tang Wei Feng (De Lasalle Primary)               A*
4. Shermin Lim (Raffles Girls Primary)                A*
5. Melis Dogruoglu (Raffles Girls Primary)          A*

(A) For PSLE Chinese

1. Clyde Lhui (Teck Ghee Primary)                       A
2. Lim Siying (Bukit Panjang Primary)                 A
3. Sukanya Lotke (Bukit Panjang Primary)          A
4. Sean Lim (ACS Barker)                                     A
5. Brandon Lau (St. Joseph Institute)                  A
6. Lee Jia Xiang (Nan Hua Primary)                      A
7. Ignatius Choong (Kuo Chuan Presbytarian)    A
8. Toh Wei Ting (Da Qiao Primary)                       A
9. Daniel Lee (ACS Barker)                                    A
10. Janelle Lee (CHIJ Toa Payoh)                         A
11. Vance Chew (St Andrews)                               A
12. Goh Guan Wei (Red Swastika)                        A

2012 Achievers Awards:
1. Sukanya Lotke
2. Sean Lim
3. Lee Jiaxiang
4. Melis Dogroulu
Lu Lao Shi congratulates Sukanya who is from India for scoring A in Chinese. Lu Lao Shi is proud that both Sean from ACS Barker and Sukanya performed better in Chinese than the other subjects. Lu Lao Shi is very proud of Jiaxiang and Sean who have been struggling with their Chinese all these years and finally scored an A for PSLE Chinese. Lu Lao Shi will like to also congratulate her student Melis of Israelite Origins for achieving an A Star in Chinese. Both foreign students have proved that Lu Lao Shi's strategies /techniques worked and they have done very well. The non Chinese students put their best efforts and worked hard with Lu Lao Shi. Here in Lu Lao Shi's Class, students are trained to push their standards to higher levels. All of Lu Lao Shi's Students efforts in class has paid off. Lu Lao Shi Congratulates ALL her PSLE Chinese Students in 2012 for their VICTORY! 2012 has marked yet another year of success and proven techniques. 

Last but not least, we congratulate all parents for making the right choice and working alongside Lu Lao Shi to enjoy this VICTORY!!!