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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lu Lao Shi's Students in Secondary School

Even in Secondary School, Lu Lao Shi's Students remember her and appreciate what she has done for them. 
Natasha and Kailing are great examples...

Students remember how Lu Lao Shi has strengthened their foundation which made learning Chinese in Secondary school much easier for them. Good on you Natasha and Kailing! Lu Lao Shi is indeed proud of you.

SMS Trophies for Lu Lao Shi

Parents still remember what Lu Lao Shi has done for them until today and are thankful on how she has helped their kids build a strong foundation for Chinese.




Saturday, September 14, 2013

2014 Lu Lao Shi Strategic Class


Due to overwhelming response each year on the enrolment, Lu Lao Shi is expanding and currently open to register your interest for 2014 Strategic Class from Primary 4 - Primary 6 PSLE Class.

You may register your interest via our contact page.

Provide us your contact number and email address so that we are able to complete your registration. 

We continue to thank all parents for your continued support and trust in Lu Lao Shi's strategies. 

More information will be provided by December 2013. For those who registered your interest you get to enjoy Discounts off your first Term fees only upon confirmation.