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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 PSLE Lu Laoshi Results

Lu Lao Shi's 2016 PSLE CHINESE
            Hall Of Stars         

Rainn Lin Zhuang Qi – Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A Star)
Clarissa Ee En Xi– Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A Star)
HCL Distinction
Yeong Jun Kai – Nanyang Primary (A Star)
HCL Merit

Renee Ang Jingyi – Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A)
HCL Merit
Isabelle Chong Shu Min – St Nicholas Primary (A)
Lim Si Ying – SCGS (A)
Reis Lim Shi Hui – Henry Park Primary (A)
Cassie Ng Kai Chyi – Raffles Girls Primary (A)
Faith Tan Shi Ting – De Laselle Primary (A)
Keira Tay Yi Xuan – MGS Primary (A)
Huang Zheng Long – ACS Primary (A)
Denzel Quek Huang Xian– Bukit Panjang Primary (A)

25% A Star, 100% As! No Bs at all! Not even for student who joined just 2mths before PSLE! 
 Congratualations to all!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016 Success Stories

LuLaoshi would like to congratulate all students who graduated from P6 class with Laoshi in 2016! Everyone has obtained at least at A for PSLE Chinese! We wish you the best in your future endeavours and never stop learning!

We would like to share some of the experiences Laoshi has been through with her students this year! Hope this inspires you to never give up! Getting an A for PSLE Chinese is an achievable task!

*2016 Success Story 1: Mrs Quek and Huang Xian*

Huang Xian and his older brother Kenneth both achieved 'A' for PSLE Chinese under Lu Laoshi's Training. But their success didn't come easy.

They were half-Indonesians and Chinese wasn't their favourite subject. Kenneth joined Lu Laoshi only 6mths before PSLE. Despite being a mad dash to prepare for PSLE, he made it!

Huang Xian enrolled at the same time into a Primary 5 class, but he wasn't adapting well to Lu Laoshi's pace of lesson and expectations. Thus he graduated pre-maturely.

However, Mrs Quek never gave up. She signed Huang Xian up again for Primary 6 class in 2016. The PSLE learning journey can be hard at times, but Mrs Quek is very supportive throughout the course - we're glad that we didn't disappoint her.

*2016 Success Story 2: Shi Hui and Ruizhi*

Shi Hui and her younger brother Ruizhi both joined Lu Laoshi in the beginning of 2016. Both were barely passing their Chinese. Shi Hui wasn't confident in Chinese but managed to achieve 'A' for PSLE under Lu Laoshi's Training.

Like most students, the siblings were displaced when they first came. They only sat and listened in their previous learning centre. But Lu Laoshi had them learning for real. We experimented different methods and they work differently on each child. Through several trial and error, Shi Hui found what worked for her and gained confidence quickly. Ruizhi overcomed barriers and gained confidence by Pri 4 SA2.

We are thankful to have supportive and uncompromising parents like Sam and Cheryl.

*2016 Success Story 3: Shu Min*

Shu Min and her 2 older siblings studied with Lu Laoshi since Primary 4 and graduated at PSLE.

Among the three siblings, Shu Min in particular had difficultly mastering her writing skills. She has difficulty writing Chinese characters, which severely affected her Composition and Comprehension. However, we never stopped trying. We found out what exactly is the problem and came up with strategies tackling it.

Shu Min has great focus and can digest information and speak confidently. Shu Min has scored full marks for all of her Oral exams since Primary 4. Although Shu Min is resistant to writing Chinese and she gained good grasp of Comprehension after several 'wake-up' calls to lift from passage, Composition is still her weakest link.

Through months of trial and battle, Shu Min clinched her 'A' for PSLE. It wasn't an easy process for both her and Lu Laoshi. We are very proud of her resilience and congratulate her on the victory.

We share her joy and am glad to be part of the Choong Family's learning journey. We would like to take this chance to thank Pauline to sharing her learning partner with her family and friends.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Getting to know Lu Laoshi Part 4

This is the last part of the series of sharing by Shi Hui! Other than tips and time management in PSLE Chinese, Laoshi also teach strategies to students. Here's one of the strategies which helped Shi Hui in Paper 2. Enrol our courses to learn more!

- E.F.O. Method in answering questions in Paper 2 -

At Lu Lao Shi’s Learning Centre, Lu Lao Shi has many tips to score our grades that we deserve! For Paper 2, comprehension cloze, there are various tips that Lu Lao Shi teaches, but one of the greatest tips is E.F.O. This tip is for questions that ask 为什么 _____? These are the steps to nail these types of questions:
1. Highlight the keywords
2. Highlight the answer from the passage
3. 直抄/转换 E.g. 我=作者
4. 推想

E.F.O stands for events, feelings and objective. Using the E.F.O method, find the event of the answer that you’ve found in the passage. The objective and feelings that the author/narrator gives may be left for you to infer. In order for you secure your marks to score the full marks infer all you can to get that A* you desire.

I hope you enjoy reading this and hopefully this method works out for you!

by Shi Hui (P6 2016)