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Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019 June Holiday Program - Composition

Join Lulaoshi to learn composition phrases 

(小练笔) and apply these in writing!

A 3-session course (2 hours each) suitable for Pr 4 to 6 students.

Students will be :
- taught composition phrases (小练笔) on Feelings and Actions;
- made to understand the meaning and usage of these 小练笔;
- taught memorization techniques and made to memorise these小练笔;
- given exercises to regurgitate and apply the phrases;
- given 1 composition training - timed and corrected;
- evaluated at the end of the session.
- Focus, time and priority management during a 50min writing exam.

Dates : 12 Jun (Wed) 1.30 to 3.30pm
             19 Jun (Wed) 1.30 to 3.30pm
              26 Jun (Wed) 1.30 to 3.30pm

Rate   : 3x2hr lessons @ $180 (LuLaoShi Regular Student);   $240 (Public)
Venue: Bukit Batok                        Website :
Email :        Contact : 8782 0440
Registration Link :
  1. Full payment upon registration.  All registrations are for 3 full lessons. Fees are non-refundable.  Payments are fully refunded for unconducted lesson. 
  2. Complete registration and Full payment before 31 May 2019 (Fri). Registration on first-come-first serve basis. 
  3. Confirmation of commencement latest by 2 Jun 2019 (Sun).  Minimum 3 to start, maximum 8.   
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Thursday, April 25, 2019


2019 JUNE HOLIDAY MCQ Compre Practice Drill

Multiple Choice Questions occupy >70% of Main Paper, students can achieve ‘A’ by stabilising MCQ and low pass for Open-Ended. MCQ Compre is must-score, weak/busy students who seldom revises can score in this section with techniques in place. We aim to firm up this portion so students scores 16marks. With guided practice and reinforcement of techniques, your child will develop correct reading and answering habits. Technique instructions will be issued; parents please ensure your child applies the same steps when doing comprehension.

This is a practice drill designed to expose and train students for exam application on Qn 21-25 and Qn 30-32; to secure 16 marks for Main Paper (2019 PSLE Normal Chinese format).

Target Audience : Current MOE Pri 4-6 students.
Chinese Standard: Normal and Higher Chinese students.
Skills taught : Reading skills, Key word and answer location,
elimination technique.

*This is NOT included in regular Main Paper Course due to schedule constraints. Compulsory for current Pri 5 students to attend. Student may sign up multiple sessions.

MCQ COMPRE Practice Drill
Session 1
7 June (Fri)
Session 2
13 June (Thur)
Session 3
28 June (Fri)
>10 MCQ Hands on Practices of Advertisement 广告, notices通告, notes边条, news 新闻, story 故事

*should student not complete in class,work will be brought back to complete.

Rate per 2hr session:  $60.00  (Lu Lao Shi Current Student), $70.00 (Public)
Venue: Bukit Batok Website:
Email: Contact: 8782 0440
Registration link


1. Compulsory for current Pri 5 students to attend. Student may sign up multiple sessions. Full payment upon registration. Fees are non-refundable. Payments are fully refunded for unconducted lesson. Complete registration and Full payment before 22 May 2019 (Wed). Registration on first-come-first serve basis.

2. Confirmation of commencement latest by 24 May 2019 (Fri) (2 weeks prior start). Minimum 3 to start, maximum 8.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Feeling the heat of P6 exams? Get ready for Oral Exams!

SA1 oral is 2 weeks away right after Good Friday!  Prelims is in July and PSLE is exactly 4 months!  Is your child ready? Time to get personalised uplift with practical exam-effective support!
Lu Laoshi, our Chinese PSLE specialist, personally conducts 2 types of courses to target the main paper and oral & composition components in PSLE.  She will be conducting a full simulated oral exam from 13 to 14 April, this coming Sat & Sun, to benchmark your child at national level.
Oral training includes:
  • Video and conversation techniques using researched & developed formulae to secure full mark content
  • Structured coverage of picture conversation to target full mark performance
  • Simulated individual oral test, PSLE System grading & examiners' evaluation, correction & reinforcement (3 more sessions from now till PSLE)
  • Follow through with memorisation & regurgitation work
Why do we have simulated oral exams?
  • Helps with the mental preparation of the child, reducing nervousness & stress. 
  • Helps boost the child's confidence and teaches the child to monitor and manage his stamina & energy level.
  • Reduces chances of a common blackout during exams.

About Lu Laoshi....
Lu Laoshi is a fully qualified, dedicated & effective bilingual Singaporean Chinese Teacher (MOE certified) with over 15 years of teaching experience. During her stint with MOE, she was responsible for the preparation of training materials for PSLE, was a school and PSLE oral trainer cum examiner and a chief external invigilator.  She is highly familiar with the marking, scoring criteria and examination format for all components of the PSLE Chinese. <<Click to read more about Lu Laoshi>>

Hurry! Sign up now as vacancies are limited.
 Friday 5.30 to 7.30pm      (5 to 5.30pm free consultation)    - 1 vacancy
 Saturday 4.30 - 6.30pm   (4 to 4.30pm free consultation)    - FULL!!
 Sunday 9 to 11am            (11 to 11.30am free consultation) - 4 vacancies
 Sunday 4.30 to 6.30pm    (4 to 4.30pm free consultation)    - FULL!
Contact us to find out more about our other programs!
Phone/Whatsapp.: 8782 0440
Venue: Bukit Batok St 24
Website address:
Register online for our courses!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

LuLaoshi P4 Supplementary Course is now known as LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses!

Dear Parents, we like to follow up on our previous blog post on the re-opening of P4 Supplementary Courses!

The courses are renamed as LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses!

What are LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses?

To help students enjoy learning Chinese and setting the foundation right in preparation for PSLE Chinese, LuLaoshi Tutorial Courses are set up! These classes are 1.5hours each, and divided into two courses – namely Monday lessons for oral and compo, and Wednesday lessons for main paper. Students will be taught at an individual pace, techniques and practices to bridge the gap in examinations will be conducted.

Who is suitable to attend?

These courses are designed to help Upper Primary Level students at foundational level, and develop the interest and knowledge to pass PSLE Chinese exams. Upon achieving this objective, students can advance to regular classes at Primary 5 and Primary 6 levels respectively, and continue the journey to excel in PSLE Chinese with LuLaoshi.

As the lessons are paced on an individual basis, students of all levels can attend. Assessment books may be used in some situation to conduct the tutorial and course is focused on applying the use of Chinese language.

Monday, April 23, 2018

MyLuLaoshi June Holidays Courses!

Dear Parents, June Holidays are coming! Take this chance to revise what they have learned so far in preparation for their PSLE. We have three courses available, brief details as follows! Contact us (call 87820440 or email to find out more!

Higher Chinese Format Course:
2018 New PSLE Higher Chinese Format Course is designed only for current Pri 5-6 Higher Chinese (HCL) students. Exclusively HCL format training targeted for exam scoring. This is a four hour course with 15 minutes break in the middle.
See more here

虚词 Course:
Our 虚词 Course is back! This is a part of PSLE format MCQ Training. 3 lessons, 2hrs each. 虚词(Connectors) Course Content
A. Programme covers 100+虚词(Connectors).
B. * Impact on Paper 2: Qn 9-12 语文应用, 1qn in 短文填空Cloze Passage, 1qn in 完成对话. Full efficiency of lesson would secure 12marks of Main Paper.
C. Attendees will be issued with a 虚词guidebook.
D. In-class absorption and application of vocabulary and technique. Tutorial going through of 50 MCQ practices.
D. 30mins MCQ Homework after Lessons 1&2.
See more here

P5 A/B Syllabus Course:
This is Intensive Pri 5 AB Syllabus Revision Lecture. Designed to help 2018 PSLE P6 students revise Pri 5 curriculum. Suitable for students lacking understanding of Pri 5 words. Relieves busy parents of June revision.

Intensive Pri 5 AB Syllabus Revision Lecture Course Content
A. Full revision of syllabus words in Normal Chinese Pri 5A/B Chapter 1-18 only.
B. Targeted for Paper 2 exam-scoring: Qn 1-15 语文应用, Qn 16-20 短文填空 Cloze Passage. Full efficiency of lesson should secure min 30marks of Main Paper. No evaluation.
C. Attendees will be issued PowerPoint handouts.
D. Simple snacks available. Welcome to bring own food.
See more here

Spend the time during June Holidays in a fruitful manner!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Getting to know Lu Laoshi Part 3

Laoshi also share tips with students now and then! Here's one of the many tips which Laoshi shares with her students!

- How to manage time when doing Paper 2? -

For the Paper 2 segment, Lu Lao Shi encourages us to do the Open Ended section first followed by the MCQ. Having a clear mind and great stamina at the start of the paper allows us to think through the questions and answer them to our greatest potential.

by Shi Hui (P6 2016)