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Friday, November 26, 2010

LU LAO SHI'S 2010 PSLE Results

Lu Lao Shi SCORED 5 A STARS For PSLE Chinese in 2010!

5 A Stars amongst her 9 PSLE Chinese Students...AMAZING!!!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

"Chinese has never been so interesting and Trendy..."

Client from Toa Payoh:

I'd like to thank Lu Lao Shi for Making Chinese so Hip and Happening for my daughter. She never knew Chinese could be so interesting and trendy until you came along.

All this while, Chinese for my daughter was a dull subject and a chore to study the subject.

Thank you Lu Lao Shi
Ms. Neo (Client from Toa Payoh)
Received: 1st November 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"How to help your child score A for Chinese" Workshop at CSC Club

Lu Lao Shi amazed the parents who attended her workshop in October. Little did the parents know there were so much more than they understood from schools. The workshop helped the parents understand better the fundamentals and techniques on how to assist their child in achieving the results.

Lu Lao Shi took the parents on a learning journey covering all the components of the Chinese Exams and how to use techniques and right strategies to conquer the exams with ease. The 3 hours course was intensive and parents were scribbling away noting all the pointers down. Hope to see you at our next course and benefit from Lu Lao Shi's secrets to success.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Thanks to Lu Lao Shi's Strategies"

Lu Lao Shi worked closely with Daniel to help him achieve his desired results. Daniel is a student with much potential, hardworking and most willing to put in the extra efforts. Applying the right techniques and strategies, Daniel Scored an A for PSLE Chinese. Well Done.

"Lu Lao Shi has improved the results"

Lu Lao Shi worked closely with Eunice to achieve her desired goals. Applying the right techniques and strategies, Eunice improved tremendously. Eunice put in alot of efforts and trained intensively with Lu Lao Shi. Her results has shown.

"Lu Lao Shi helped me to achieve A Star for Chinese..."

Lu Lao Shi and Celine shared a common objective and goal right from the beginning. With strong parental support and right strategies applied. Celine has achieved her well deserved A Star for her Chinese PSLE Exams and Merit for Higher Chinese.

"Never passed Chinese before till Lu Lao Shi came along..."

Lu Lao Shi helped Luke who has never passed his Chinese exams before to finally make it for PSLE. Through her detailed analysis of Luke's study habits and weakness, she created a lesson plan to help Luke achieve his desired results. Luke has weak exposure to Chinese, however, was very hardworking and willing to put in his best efforts. Great work Luke!!!

"Lu Lao Shi helped Nicholas Score A for PSLE"

Lu Lao Shi helped Nicholas who only received 3 years of Education in Singapore before leaving for overseas. When Nicholas came back in 2009 Lu Lao Shi came in to fine tune his Chinese and helped him Score an A for PSLE in just 6 Months. The results shocked both Nicholas and his Mother. Below attached is the PSLE Results for Chinese.

"Lu Lao Shi makes Chinese interesting for my child..."

Lu Lao Shi made Chinese education easier for Beatrice through applying the right techniques and strategies. Chinese has never been made easier to master for Beatrice until Lu Lao Shi came along. Beatrice is a hardworking student and has worked well with Lu Lao Shi to achieve her goals. Below is a short letter of Commendation from Beatrice's Mother.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Lu Lao Shi helped me from F to A in seven months to PSLE"

In just Seven months to go to PSLE. Lu Lao Shi has helped Natasha score an A in PSLE from a Failing mark to an A. The right strategies were applied and Natasha achieved her goals. Below is a short letter of Commendation from Natasha Lee from CHIJ Toa Payoh.

"Lu Lao Shi's Strategies worked for my child..."

Lu Lao Shi came in during Joan's PSLE in 2007. Both student and Lu Lao Shi had similar objectives and goals; Score A Star for Chinese PSLE. Through intensive trainings and application of the right strategies, Joan scored an A Star for Chinese successfully. Below attached is the letter of Commendation from Joan's Mother.