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About MyLuLaoshi Courses
  • How effective are the lessons? Will my child improve after attending laoshi’s course?
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and glassesThe lessons are highly effective. Laoshi uses researched and proven techniques to deliver results in shortest time. Laoshi has fifteen years of experience delivering the techniques and the methods are constantly refined to keep up on the pace of changing syllabuses. Students learn actively in our classes; they do not just stare and listen to lectures. Evaluation is conducted for all of our learning objectives to keep track of students’ learning. As long as students apply our techniques faithfully, results are guaranteed. Laoshi does not compromise on her methods, thus we seek parents’ support to reinforce the methods on their children to apply what is taught here, for best efficacy.
  • I saw “correction time” on your class timetable. What is “correction time” meant for?
It is a half hour session linked to each lesson for students to complete regular corrections and paper filing on their own. Students may consult Laoshi when they require clarifications on their corrections. In the event student misses any lessons and is unable to make up on the alternatives provided, correction time will be used to help students catch up.
  • Why are the lessons inclined towards exams?
We conduct Time Trials and Simulated Mock Oral sessions to provide real-time exam experience. Through these simulations, students are far more confident and aware of personal speed and attention span. Catering to different learning issues, through these simulations, Laoshi can identify learning needs more accurately, and advise strategies to improve examination scores.
  • Will the lessons instil interest or confidence in the Chinese Language?
Confidence in Chinese is gathered when students have adapted to our classroom active-learning climate. They will find that achievement is readily within grasp as long as they put in best effort to apply techniques faithfully. Students who have yet to adapt will have low interest and confidence, or even resistance at the start. This adaptation usually takes a few months or even up to half a year for Primary 4 and Primary 5 students. Parents are encouraged to join in Laoshi’s efforts, so to help students adapt to the active-learning climate.
  • How is lesson paced?
Learning objectives are set for each hour of the lesson. There is a short break interval in between objectives. Lessons are intensive, students are always engaged.

About LuLaoshi Teaching Style
  • What is Laoshi’s approach towards unmotivated students?
Laoshi generously reward ‘Stars’ for every small accomplishment, they are exchangeable for vouchers.

To make our lessons work, we cannot extensively compromise on the lack of learning or efforts. ‘Wake-up’ calls are scheduled periodically to keep students from slacking. We do nag at students to put in better efforts. Laoshi enlists parents’ home support to manage their children more appropriately.
  • How to handle the situation when child hasn’t adapted to classroom climate? 
Based on our years of experience, Primary 4 and Primary 5 students face the most displacement. They tend to space out and disengage; some find it stressful as they are always busy during lessons. Students who don’t have regular working habits face more displacement. It is our job to nurture students’ working habits; we encourage students to be actively involved in their own work.They will be nagged to punch/staple/file, do corrections neatly, stay organised, write notes. This may seem troublesome to them at the start and they might be resistant, however, it is very important that parents should let them develop the habit and provide support when Laoshi asks for it. Once they get used to the momentum, they will know when to be alert.

Poorly adapted students may be ‘disobedient’ and ‘uncooperative’. They might resist instructions and insist on working in their own pace and comfort. If speaking more loudly and clearly doesn’t work, Laoshi will seek parents’ assistance to reinforce our instructions. Where necessary, Laoshi may issue Incident Reports to highlight the issue and require parents to take action. Parents and teacher should share the common goal of inculcating good working habits on the children. Incident Reports are not disciplinary reports.

For the Students
  • Is this any homework given?
Homework is only assigned when Laoshi runs out of time to complete work during lesson.Your child should take half hour to go through their file weekly to clear up corrections and do filing. Any doubts should be clarified during ‘correction time’ weekly. Students may reinforce their learning by revising Compo/Oral phrases which require memorizing. When corrections pile up badly, students will be invited to attend remedial during holidays. Any work brought home will be noted on a memo stuck on their file. Students are responsible to complete the work before next lesson
  • How can my child stay in focus?
Your child can bring Honey Ginseng drink to class. It has proven results to keep students focused in class. He/She should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. They are also encouraged to take toilet trips to freshen up.
  • What are the expectations of the student?
Students should have good manners and respect everyone. Our students ‘Never Say Die’ we always keep trying and learn from our mistakes. We always put up our best fight. Students should be verbal and stay in close communication with teacher. When facing a setback, students should identify the issue and solve it. When they are confused, tell it. When they are unsure, ask. When they are careless, apologize, explain the mistake and promise to do it right.

For the Parents
  • How am I updated on the child’s progress?
Each student will be issued with a Comms Book. Monthly feedback on child's learning process is detailed and recorded in the book. The feedback includes student’s participation in class, a review of their general performance, and giving an insight on what is happening in the next month. Individual work performance is recorded in students’ file. The dividers are records tasks, dates, results and correction status.

Parents are encouraged to read the feedback, as it contains suggestions which parents can do together with the children in order to accelerate their learning progress.

Should there be incidents which require attention, Incident Reports will be issued, and student will be issued a Reflection Form to show parents his explanation of the incident.
  • Under what circumstances will Laoshi issue an Incident Report?
Laoshi may issue an incident report when the student does not follow Laoshi’s instructions in class regularly. Other possible reasons which may lead to Incident Reporting includes delay of corrections and homework, not making an effort to learn, or resistance to apply our methods. These reasons are not exhaustive. The intent of the Incident Report is to bring out the issue at the onset so action can be taken before the situation becomes grave. It is not a disciplinary action report.
  • What should I do if my child receives an Incident Report?
The Incident Report is issued when Laoshi is seeking parent’s assistance and suggestions to improve the child’s learning process in class. Incident Reports should be treated in a positive light. For each Incident Report, the child is given a Reflection Form to take improvement actions on their work. Parents should ask the child to write down on the Reflection Form, so that they understand why the Incident Report was issued and what they can do to prevent a similar report from being issued in future. Parents should endorse the Incident Report and the Reflection Form.
  • What is happening if my child keeps receiving Incident Reports?
We acknowledge that every child is unique. While our methods are tried and tested over the past 15years, they may not be able to accommodate the learning needs of a few children. When the fifth incident report is issued, parents should seek alternative help to improve the child’s learning on the language.
  • What is my role in managing my child?
We encourage you to help your child stay emotionally strong, adapt to a new climate, and not to over-react. Adopt good working habits. Stay in pink of health, get good rest, nutrition, and exercise. Primary 4 and Primary 5 boys require more needs in this aspect. Psychological insecurity may keep them on their toes, but create negative tension. Daily routines and close monitoring works best. Developing the skills to adapt to changes will help your child in their lives as they grow up.
  • What is my role in helping my child?
We encourage parents to monitor and conduct checks on the student’s file to ensure work are done productively. Parents may counter test your child for Compo/Oral Phrase regurgitation before exams. Parents can also help to reinforce the application of our techniques.

On Administrative, Payment and All Other Matters
  • What happens if I am unable to attend a class?
The lesson dates are given in advance prior to the start of the term. Hence parents are expected to
make necessary arrangements so that your child is able to attend the classes. All lessons are chargeable. Students may sit in the same lesson in other classes as make-up. In the event that this is not possible, notes will be kept for your child to collect following lesson.
  • What do I need to do to sign up for the course?
To sign up for the course, you need to fill in an online registration form and make a placement fees payment of $30 per course. Please contact us (Eric @ HP: 8782 0440, Email: or drop us a note on Contact Us sidebar) to get the link to the registration form and make payment. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or iBanking transfer.
  • What do I need to pay for the course?
Parents need to pay the following for students to attend the course:
  1. Placement Fees: Placement fees are charged to reserve place with Laoshi. They are non-refundable and non-deductible in any case. If the class is full, placement fees will take the place of waitlist fees. Placement fees are only refundable when we are unable to offer a place for the student after one-month wait from the receipt of placement fees.If placement fees are refunded, it is deemed that the student has withdrawn from the waitlist.
  2. Deposit: A $50 per course Deposit is due on the first lesson for the entire course. Deposit is non-refundable but it is deductible from the last payment on exiting the course. Thus, one cycle’s notice (i.e. four lessons) is required to deduct the deposit from the course.
  3. Course Fees: Course fees are due on the first lesson of the year and every last lesson of each cycle. Parents are required to pay the cycle’s fees on the last lesson of the previous cycle.
  • For some reason, I am unable to continue with MyLuLaoshi Strategic Course. How can I withdraw from the course? Can I get my deposit back?
The deposit is non-refundable, however, it is deductible. To withdraw from the course, parents should inform us in writing before the next cycle is billed, i.e. before the last lesson of current cycle/ 5 weeks in advance. Then students will attend the next cycle and exit from the course. If parents are unable to inform early, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Are there discounts given?
Yes, we offer discounts in the following cases:
  1. Bundle discount is given if you sign up both Oral & Compo and Main Paper courses
  2. Follow-up discount is given if you continue with Laoshi across the academic year
  3. Sibling discount is given if you have a younger sibling studying with Laoshi at the same time as the older sibling.
Discounts are stacked on one another. Holiday course discounts will be given to existing students.
  • Does Laoshi need to interview or assess my child before accepting him/her?
In general cases, Laoshi does not need to interview the child. Laoshi has experience teaching students from non-Mandarin speaking background. Students with more severe learning needs will require specialists’ attention. Interview and assessment may be required on a case-by-case basis.

If you feel that your child has a gap to fill in Chinese, you may consider joining our Tutorial Courses on Mondays and Wednesdays evenings.
  • What if I have any other questions?
For any queries, feel free to contact us at 8782 0440 (please look for Eric), email to us or drop us a note on Contact Us sidebar!

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