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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Programmes Offered
Lu Laoshi teaches Upper Primary levels ( primary 4 to 6) Chinese Language. The course contents consist of the following components:

Paper 1: Composition
  • Structure, content, expression, marking key, analyzing topic, strategic writing techniques.
  • School standards grading of work, strengthening and correcting.
  • In lesson Phrase Digestion: Select phrases to memorize, how to memorise.
  • 8 Digested and timed writing practices.
  • Time management and content distribution skills.
  • Structured modules to stretch student’s differentiating abilities.
Paper 2: MCQ and Comprehension
  • MCQ Full Mark Training.
  • Structured and researched Comprehension Training.
  • MOE Grading System.
  • Time Management.
  • Intensive and extensive coverage of MOE syllabus by chapters.
  • Evaluation of students’ mastery of each component.
  • Structured Modular training to achieve 90% hit for open ended comprehension.
  • 2 Timed Trials each prior to CA and SA.
Paper 3: Oral and Listening Comprehension
  • Training of Video and Conversation techniques.
  • In-lesson Digestion of Oral Topics
  • Detailed PSLE Oral Briefing.
  • Structured coverage of picture conversation content, high value-adding to target full mark performance.
  • Oral Exam Simulation, PSLE System grading and Examiners’ Evaluation, Correction and re-enforcement.

Annual Holiday Courses during June. Kindly enquire for further information.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Lu Laoshi is an MOE Certified, bilingual native Singaporean Chinese Teacher. In MOE, Lu Lao Shi was PSLE Rep annually;  responsible for preparing the School’s graduating Cohort for PSLE Chinese, preparation of training materials according to MOE Curriculum and Syllabus. She sets and marks all components of Primary School Chinese exam papers.

For SEAB PSLE, Lu Lao Shi was Chief External Invigilator, Internal Chinese Oral Trainer/Examiner, PSLE National Chinese Oral Examiner and PSLE National Chinese Paper marker throughout her term with MOE. Lu Lao Shi grasps PSLE marking, scoring criteria and format for all components of the National PSLE Chinese. Started Professional teaching career in 2003, Flying solo since 2009, Lu Laoshi bags 15yrs experience and counting.

Lu Lao Shi is an Exclusive and dedicated teacher specialising in PSLE training. As a mother of 2, she understands students' learning obstacles, providing academic analysis, habitual and developmental solutions. She annually review, research and upgrade her training to stay abreast of Singapore MOE and SEAB’s requirements. Lu Laoshi’s students are bench-marked at National level. Lu Laoshi trains all students personally. We have a comprehensive Admin and management system. Due to her niche, Lu Laoshi can only provide limited places each year. In 2018,  50% students come from Pei Hwa Presbytarian, 30% ACS, the rest from Nanyang, Maris Stella, De Lasalle, Bt Panjang Pri, Rosyth, Bt Timah Pri, MGS.

Lu Laoshi operates in Bukit Batok, Welcome to visit for more photos and information:
Telephone: 87820440Lu Laoshi is always improving on systems, pedagogy, wisdom and patience. Am gearing up for 2019 NEW Pri 5 syllabus and revamp teaching according to new MOE direction. As we cover MOE syllabus, Comprehension, Compo, Oral, Listening training, I'll be integrating soft skills I.E: EQ, organisation, communication. And brain skills to learn effectively. Academic focus has shifted from grades to life skills. We are building kids to cope with the future. Tomorrow is always better than yesterday.

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