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Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 PSLE Memo. School's unprepared for SA1.

Dear Parents,

2017 PSLE memo is out. Current Pri 6 parents will receive a printed copy of Official Dates, Exam conduct, Result appeals, Secondary School application and DSA.

Oral Time Trials are on-going. 2017 New Pri 6 intake candidates seem inexperienced to New Format Chinese Oral exam and have to learn from Pri 4 foundation. Schools don't seem to have prepared students for 2017 PSLE new format. It's in our hands. Lu Laoshi is reviewing how schools are preparing their Pri 6 cohort for SA1 Oral to decide whether to conduct training workshops for Primary School teachers.

Primary 6 classes are completing syllabuses in May. After our SA1 Time Trials, we will be move on to intensive Comprehension training.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TOP Performers for CA1 2017

CA 1 has passed and Lu Lao Shi is proud to present the TOP Performers!

From Pei Hua Presbyterian, 2017 Primary 6 CA 1 Results: 80/90 
- Huiwen (2017 P6) 

From Pei Hua Presbyterian, 2017 Primary 6 CA 1 Results: 81/90 
- Yan Tai (2017 P6) 

From ACS Junior, 2017 Primary 5 CA 1 Results: 75.5/90 
- Yi Wei (2017 P5)

From Woodlands Primary, 2016 Primary 5 SA 2 Results: 95% Overall 
No. 2 in School for Chinese Language!
- Kai Wei (2017 P6) 

These students have applied the right strategies and techniques learned in Lu Laoshi Courses. They have performed and excelled.

Congratulations to the TOP Performers for CA1 2017!