2016 PSLE Lu Laoshi Results

Lu Lao Shi's 2016 PSLE CHINESE
            Hall Of Stars         

Rainn Lin Zhuang Qi – Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A Star)
Clarissa Ee En Xi– Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A Star)
HCL Distinction
Yeong Jun Kai – Nanyang Primary (A Star)
HCL Merit

Renee Ang Jingyi – Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary (A)
HCL Merit
Isabelle Chong Shu Min – St Nicholas Primary (A)
Lim Si Ying – SCGS (A)
Reis Lim Shi Hui – Henry Park Primary (A)
Cassie Ng Kai Chyi – Raffles Girls Primary (A)
Faith Tan Shi Ting – De Laselle Primary (A)
Keira Tay Yi Xuan – MGS Primary (A)
Huang Zheng Long – ACS Primary (A)
Denzel Quek Huang Xian– Bukit Panjang Primary (A)

25% A Star, 100% As! No Bs at all! Not even for student who joined just 2mths before PSLE! 
 Congratualations to all!

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