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Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 June Holiday Xu Ci Course

Date: April 2018

This is a part of PSLE MCQ Training. Current Pri 5 Main Paper students need not apply, this is inbuilt Pri 5 Main Paper Course. This course will only repeat in 2019.
-       3 lessons, 2hrs each. Public students and students of other levels may apply.
$180.00  (Lu Lao Shi Current Student), $240.00 (Public). 

May Holiday Class
(8 places)
Monday Inbuilt Class
(4 places)
Saturday Inbuilt Class
(4 places)
Lesson 1
28 May (Mon) 
4 June (Mon) 3-5pm
2 June (Sat) 2-4pm
Lesson 2
30 May (Wed) 
11 June (Mon) 3-5pm
9 June (Sat) 2-4pm
Lesson 3
1 June (Fri) 
18 June (Mon) 3-5pm
16 June (Sat) 2-4pm

虚词(Connectors) Course Content           
·        Programme covers 100+虚词 (Connectors).
  • ·       Impact on Paper 2: Qn 9-12 语文应用, 1qn in 短文填空Cloze Passage, 1qn in 完成对话. Full efficiency of lesson would secure 12marks of Main Paper.
  • ·         Attendees will be issued with a 虚词guidebook.
  • ·         In-class absorption and application of vocabulary and technique. Tutorial going through of 50 MCQ practices.
  • ·         30mins MCQ Homework after Lesson 1&2.

  • 1.    Full payment upon registration. Fees are non-refundable. Payments are fully refunded for unconducted lesson. Complete registration and Full payment before 13 May 2018 Sunday. Registration on first-come-first serve basis.
  • 2.    All registrations are for 3 full lessons. Should student fail to attend registered date, you may makeup on corresponding lessons. Guidebook provided in any case.
  • 3.    Confirmation of commencement latest by 16 May 2018 Wednesday. (1.5 week prior to start). Minimum 3 to start, maximum 8.
  • 4.    Current students who totally missed lesson without make-up, will go through on regular lesson’s ‘Correction Time’.
Venue: Bukit Batok                           Contact: 8782 0440 

Email:                Website:       版权所有,翻印必究 Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved. 
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