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Monday, April 23, 2018

MyLuLaoshi June Holidays Courses!

Dear Parents, June Holidays are coming! Take this chance to revise what they have learned so far in preparation for their PSLE. We have three courses available, brief details as follows! Contact us (call 87820440 or email to find out more!

Higher Chinese Format Course:
2018 New PSLE Higher Chinese Format Course is designed only for current Pri 5-6 Higher Chinese (HCL) students. Exclusively HCL format training targeted for exam scoring. This is a four hour course with 15 minutes break in the middle.
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虚词 Course:
Our 虚词 Course is back! This is a part of PSLE format MCQ Training. 3 lessons, 2hrs each. 虚词(Connectors) Course Content
A. Programme covers 100+虚词(Connectors).
B. * Impact on Paper 2: Qn 9-12 语文应用, 1qn in 短文填空Cloze Passage, 1qn in 完成对话. Full efficiency of lesson would secure 12marks of Main Paper.
C. Attendees will be issued with a 虚词guidebook.
D. In-class absorption and application of vocabulary and technique. Tutorial going through of 50 MCQ practices.
D. 30mins MCQ Homework after Lessons 1&2.
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P5 A/B Syllabus Course:
This is Intensive Pri 5 AB Syllabus Revision Lecture. Designed to help 2018 PSLE P6 students revise Pri 5 curriculum. Suitable for students lacking understanding of Pri 5 words. Relieves busy parents of June revision.

Intensive Pri 5 AB Syllabus Revision Lecture Course Content
A. Full revision of syllabus words in Normal Chinese Pri 5A/B Chapter 1-18 only.
B. Targeted for Paper 2 exam-scoring: Qn 1-15 语文应用, Qn 16-20 短文填空 Cloze Passage. Full efficiency of lesson should secure min 30marks of Main Paper. No evaluation.
C. Attendees will be issued PowerPoint handouts.
D. Simple snacks available. Welcome to bring own food.
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Spend the time during June Holidays in a fruitful manner!

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